What is scicomm.xyz?

This instance is aimed at scientists, science students, science communicators, or anyone with a rational mindset wanting to interact with each other and to help share science-related topics and thinking to the wider Fediverse.

So come here to ask questions, answer questions, and to share ideas with other science-minded folk. The federated nature of the network will also help to spread your science know-how and enthusiasm with the rest of the Mastodon network!

We are only a small instance at the moment but we are stable and secure.

Who is the admin?

Hi, I'm Dave Williamson! I am a post-doctoral researcher at King's College London. I set up, maintain, and administer this instance and the server that it runs on.

What are the rules for this instance?

Please read our Code of Conduct to learn about our community's standards (TL;DR: please just be civil).

Please read our Privacy Policy to learn about how we use the information you supply to us when you register (TL;DR: we won't sell your identity).

Tell me more about Mastodon...

Some sites that might help you learn more about Mastodon include:

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Why join scicomm.xyz?

Join this instance become a member of a science-minded community while still remaining connected to other instances (which comprise the 'fediverse').

If you settle into this instance, your Local Timeline will be heavy with science-chat from other users of this instance (or, it will be once we get a few more people on-board; people like... you!). However, because of the way Mastodon works, you can still reach out to the federated timeline to engage with the wider community about science.

Code of Conduct

The following guidelines are not a legal document, and final interpretation is up to the administration of scicomm.xyz; they are here to provide you with an insight into our content moderation policies.

Our Responsibilities

In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, the administrators and moderators pledge to ensure that participation in this instance and our community is a welcoming experience for everyone, regardless of age, body size, disability, ethnicity, level of education or experience, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, sexual identity or orientation, and gender identity or expression.

Our moderators are responsible for clarifying the standards of acceptable behavior and are expected to take appropriate and fair corrective action in response to any instances of unacceptable behavior.

Moderators have the right and responsibility to silence or delete messages and user accounts that are not aligned to this Code of Conduct, or to suspend temporarily or permanently any contributor for other behaviors that they deem inappropriate, threatening, offensive, or harmful.

Your Responsibilities

Just be a decent human being; adhere to our standards and steer clear of exhibiting unacceptable behaviour.

This is an open Mastodon instance so don't write anything you wouldn't want your boss, your partner, or your mother to see. The same goes for confidential information -- if you wouldn't write about your secret or sensitive things on Twitter then you probably ought not to write about it here either.

Behaviour Standards

TL;DR: Just be civil. Science is full of criticism (it's fundamental to the process!) but here it should be delivered in a manner which is helpful to everyone. This is also a social network so it doesn't need to be all science all the time. You can have non-science fun too!

Acceptable behaviour:

Examples of behaviour that contributes to creating a positive environment include:

  • Asking civil questions; giving civil answers
  • Using welcoming and inclusive language
  • Being respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences
  • Tactfully proposing constructive and valid criticism
  • Gracefully accepting constructive criticism
  • Focusing on what is best for the community
  • Showing empathy towards other community members

Unacceptable behaviour:

Examples of unacceptable behaviour by participants include:

  • The use of sexualized language or imagery and unwelcome sexual attention or advances
  • Trolling, insulting or derogatory comments, and personal or political attacks
  • Public or private harassment
  • Publishing someone's private information, such as a physical or electronic address, without explicit permission
  • Other conduct which could reasonably be considered inappropriate in a professional setting

Content Standards

Acceptable content:

Anything really—this is a social network after all! However, as this instance is for science communication, hopefully you will compose 'toots' which are sympathetic to that theme. For example: if you have a question about a lab protocol, ask it. Or perhaps post that paper you did for journal club paper and start a discussion. Or maybe you have a cool method, or a great buffer recipe and want to share it. Discussions on career progression, policy, and people/lab management are also welcome!

However we recognise that humans are a diverse bunch with diverse interests so your other posts about art, gardening, recipes, music, or the amusing things that your cat is up to won't be considered divisive.

Use of the Content Warning (CW) feature

In most cases, this feature is used simply to fold up a long toot and make the timelines easier to read. However if your post is likely to contain something which would be considered 'not safe for work' (NSFW) or is likely to upset a casual observer (e.g. photos of surgery) then please make use of the content warning feature when composing your toot.

How to use the CW feature: Click the CW button; anything in the field above your toot composer will appear before the 'Show more...' button in your toot.

Unacceptable content:

Any conduct or content intended to stalk or harass other users, or to impede other users from utilizing the service, or to degrade the performance of the service, or to incite other users to perform any of the aforementioned actions, is disallowed, and subject to punishment up to and including revocation of access to the service.

This includes, but is not limited to, the following behaviors:

  • Continuing to engage in conversation with a user that has specifically has requested for said engagement with that user to cease and desist may be considered harassment, regardless of platform-specific privacy tools employed.
  • Aggregating, posting, and/or disseminating a person's demographic, personal, or private data without express permission (informally called doxing or dropping dox) may be considered harassment.
  • Inciting users to engage another user in continued interaction or discussion after a user has requested for said engagement with that user to cease and desist (informally called brigading or dogpiling) may be considered harassment.
  • Excessive advertising (spam)
  • Un-curated news bots posting from third-party news sources
  • Medical or veterinary advice
  • Pornography and sexually explicit content
  • Gratuitous or extremely graphic violence and gore.
  • Racism or advocation of racism
  • Sexism or advocation of sexism
  • Discrimination against gender and sexual minorities, or advocation thereof
  • Xenophobic and/or violent nationalism
  • Sexual depictions of children
  • Content illegal in Germany and/or France, such as holocaust denial or Nazi symbolism
  • Conduct promoting the ideology of National Socialism


This Code of Conduct applies to all profiles and posts created by users of this instance.

Reporting & Enforcement

Instances of abusive, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior may be reported either via Mastodon's built-in "Report" tools, or by contacting the owner of this instance @quokka@scicomm.xyz . All complaints will be reviewed and investigated and will result in a response that is deemed necessary and appropriate to the circumstances. The moderators and owner are obligated to maintain confidentiality with regard to the reporter of an incident. Further details of specific enforcement policies may be posted separately.

Moderators who do not follow or enforce the Code of Conduct in good faith may face temporary or permanent repercussions as determined by other moderators or instance owner.

These provisions notwithstanding, the administration of the service reserves the right to revoke any user's access permissions, at any time, for any reason, except as limited by law.


This Code of Conduct is adapted from the Contributor Covenant, version 1.4, available at https://www.contributor-covenant.org/version/1/4/code-of-conduct.html. The Contributor Covenant was created by Coraline Ada Ehmke in 2014 and is released under the CC BY 4.0 License. Additional terms were adapted from those at https://mastodon.social/about/more.

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